Team Jeffie. That's us.

First off - thanks. You're here because you care about a quiet, sweet, geeky engineer, and we want you to have updates about his care -- and, hopefully, his recovery.

The tally so far: Jeff spent 48 days in the ICU, then another 13 days in the trauma/burn nursing unit, then another month in an acute-care rehab hospital, before being released to the care of his parents, which is where we are now.

Here's how to stay updated.

We push updates out through an email list and a Facebook page. When Amy sends something, it gets quickly reposted by friends. The email list and Facebook page contain the same information; choose which one works best for you.

The goals:

  1. No rumors, just facts. Send out info to everyone at the same time.
  2. Let Amy breathe, and resume her life a little instead of having to answer the same painful questions over and over.

It's pretty simple: if you're getting the updates from one of these places, you ARE up-to-date. If you want updates, sign up for the mailing list or hit 'like' on the facebook page. Share it with your friends. This is how we're getting the word out.

Mailing list:
Facebook page: (hitting the 'Like' button makes you a fan of the page, and puts the updates in your FB stream!)

Care calendar

Ashley Creekmore (ashley [[at]] thecreekmores [[dot]] org) is coordinating the care calendar.

Care Calendar login: Here you can...

  • Schedule to contribute a meal: It keeps Amy, as well as Jeff's parents, focused on caring for Jeff instead of thinking about meals.
  • Cat Care Team: if Amy is needed elsewhere, the cats and house will need tending. Amy would like to limit this team to people in Huntsville who are familiar with her house. She and Jeff are both very private people, and giving access to their home is not something either of them do lightly.

Contact Ashley for access to the care calendar.

I want to visit Jeff!

Jeff is currently staying with his parents during the week, and the plan is to bring him back to Huntsville on Fridays after therapy, and back to his parents' house again on Sunday. Right now, if you'd like to visit him, please contact his parents to find out a good time. Though he's out of the hospital, he's still very fragile and needs a lot of rest, so we're trying to keep visits both calming and restricted to times of day that work with his sleep schedule.

Jeff has asked that his first few visits to Huntsville (middle to late March) be kept private; we expect we'll start extending weekend visiting invitations in April, once he's more accustomed to the drive and has had some private time with Amy.

Contacting Amy

  • Email: amy [at]
  • Twitter: @domesticat is her private account, @amyqmc her public one. If you're not sure, go with @amyqmc.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter hashtag: #teamjeffie

What else can do I do / send / bring?

Meals, both for Jeff's parents and for Amy:

  • Jeff's parents could use healthy, balanced meals suitable for three people; they are not on the Care Calendar. If you're in the Shoals area, contact them directly to arrange it; if you're wanting to contribute from further away, contact Amy.
  • Amy could use meals for two people on the weekends Jeff stays with her; these needs are noted and updated frequently on the Care Calendar. (

Don't have the password to sign up for something on the calendar? See above -- contact Ashley.

We'll keep the postcard blizzard going, though! We've got a theme: "Things Jeff Can Do Instead Of Riding A Motorcycle." We trust you will be the irreverent, cheeky bastards we know you to be. Make it funny, make it colorful, make it awesome. We'll tape it up.

Send them to:

Jeff McClure
9896 County Road 8
Waterloo, AL 35677

or Jeff and Amy's home address:

Amy Qualls-McClure
117 Centurion Dr
Madison, AL 35757

Jeff, waiting for food at Logan's Steakhouse and humoring me while I played with the cameraWaiting for food