The Geek Influx begins!

The Great Influx Of Geeks begins today. Katharine arrives back in Huntsville in a couple of hours. (yaaay!)

Today's been one of those unproductive days. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything. As I said to a co-worker today, it hit me at around ten this morning that I've got fourteen people staying with me this weekend…

Other random news: my herbs out front have been thoroughly infested by spider mites. Dammit, dammit, dammit! They started on my rosemary, then moved to my summer savory (which they devoured) and now are trying to take over my thyme seedlings. I am NOT happy about this. I've been spraying the plants with insecticidal soap in the hopes of saving them, but I fear that I've lost every one of my summer savory seedlings, and I'm going to lose at least ¾ of my thyme seedlings.

I'll probably end up ripping out the summer savory seedlings and starting over with plants from the mint family. Then again, this is why I did the herb plantings on such a small scale this year—so I could learn what thrived in the Alabama summer heat (rosemary) and what didn't (dill). I will do better next year. I at least know what I'm up against.

If you're curious, and haven't read the House Saga, it's online. I went shopping today for desks, and I found a couple that I think I'd be happy with. However, I'll want to go shopping again, just to be sure. I didn't realize that I was asking so much out of a computer desk. Sheesh. I found one that I really liked, and that had all the features I wanted, for $270. I found another one that fit all of my requirements except one (the lowered area for a keyboard wasn't big enough to hold the mouse too) and it was about $130.

I'll have to ponder this further.

Jeff just called from his cell phone—evidently there's a Red Hat office here in town. How's that for wild? Huntsville grows geekier by the day.

Time to go home—I'll have just enough time to eat and pet the catz before it's time to head off to the airport.

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