ph33r m3! -- apologies to Brad


Jeff is in the living room, serving up mp3s from his computer [in here in the computer room with me] into the Mistress [our huge speaker system in the living room].


In here I've got a nice little set of Altec Lansings that do quite a serviceable job at aurally blasting mp3s in my general direction. I've got Three Doors Down cranked up to drown out whatever Jeff's listening to in the living room. Hopefully he won't get into a loudness pissing contest, because the NHT 2.5is will terrorize my little computer speakers and make them hide in the closet and beg for mercy.

It's been a quiet weekend, in case you've been wondering where the hell I am and why I've not been updating domesticat. We'd planned to get the house wired by Saturday night, and it didn't happen. As we suspected, the prep work (drilling holes in the walls, assembling all equipment, marking out where we wanted wires and such to go) actually took just as long as actually dropping pull strings and fishing the wires through.

So now we have a niiiiice little 100mbps network throughout the house. Color-coded sockets to make it easier to do any needed maintenance. The central box is located in the [huge] closet in the guest bedroom, just above where I hang the ironing board. Quite useful.

Time for the Mental Notes section of the broadcast!

  • When Brad's here, we need to talk about the October bash scheduled in Vancouver (y'know, the guys). Jess offered to introduce him. Especially useful since Jess will actually be ATTENDING. Geek community, unite!
  • Steph wants bacon/eggs/toast/hashbrown breakfast while she and Dan are here. Must remember to get more Vernor's, as I'm undoubtedly gonna drink it all before they show.
  • Evidently Dan likes Berry Berry Kix. Will have to remember to get that.
  • (mmmm….astral projection on the stereo. it's driving me to type really really fast.)

Brad's started updating his personal site more often now. Whee! I've convinced others to start online journals of sorts! This is cool. Next thing you know, I'll be a geek role model or something.

Suddenly, life's looking a lot better. The first round of decorating has been paid for, and I'm starting planning on the second phase. I'm starting to realize that I might actually get all this done before my self-imposed deadline of December, which totally rocks my overly-domestic little world. Once my house-decorating fundage is freed up from doing guest bedroom stuff, I can do the other things that need doing, like….

buying a frigging ergonomic desk.
This desk STINKS. It's hard on my wrists and the computer monitor isn't at the right height. I want one like Jeff's, actually. Get a nice corner desk, and then do something I've been itching to do for a year—buy real bookshelves to replace the brick-and-board wonders I've got in here now. These shelves I have now aren't real effective uses of space, and having real ones would mean that I could get the extra shelving [that's currently taking up the entire stinkin' computer room closet] taken out and actually USE that closet. That would please me immensely.

I honestly can't believe we finally got all this done. It's kinda cool to look around in the house and see the ethernet jacks and realize that WE accomplished this.

It's a good way to start off the week. Meanwhile, I've gotta clean up the kitchen and whip up a batch of brownies as a thank-you to the network guys at work who were kind enough to loan me the crimpers and the punchdown tool so that all this house-wiring could take place.

And yes, Brad, I'm all over this house wiring thing. Shaddup. ph33r m3. :Þ

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