playfully neurotic ectophiles on icewine

Tonight it's me, the techno, and a bottle of wine.

I am at home, peacefully and quietly nursing a drink like the adult that I'm generally not, desperately wishing this techno were louder and that I were amongst friends at an all-night rave. That's my mood—every once in a while I get the urge to slap on the most anonymous clothes I can, tie on my combat boots, and drag someone out with me to dance mindlessly until the sun rises.

It's one of the greatest bits of anonymity I've ever known—the pall of alcohol and sleeplessness and the insistent drum of numbingly fast techno doing something to your feet that your brain doesn't quite understand. It makes you stay up late. It makes you hate yourself for it the next morning. But while it's going, it's one of the most exhilarating rides I've ever found.Jeff is asleep. The cats are prowling. I'm up late, and the speakers are blaring more loudly than usual. Undoubtedly the cats want me to go to bed so they can once again, Pinky-and-the-Brain-style, attempt to knead my collarbones into a soggy gelatinous mass. They'll just have to wait.

Today was good. Today was quiet. I did a quick survey of the house and realized that we don't have a lot to get done before Dan and Stephanie arrive on Thursday night (hurrah!), so Jeff and I both opted to take it easy today. In retrospect I have trouble thinking of a single thing that I did today—I know that I made lunch for myself, and Jeff cooked dinner while I ran out to Linens & Things to get a curtain for the living room window.

Other than that, not much else. I read another chapter of Edith Wharton's The Age Of Innocence and took a nap with Tenzing. I rested. I thought. I even remembered to water the basil. The parsley is dying—I found some caterpillars on it. They've chosen to cannibalize the plant that has proven to be the least heat-tolerant of the ones I'm attempting to grow. I think I shall just let it go. Perhaps another spring, or another fall. Or perhaps indoors next time.

I'm keeping a mental list of the techno that I'm playing tonight in the hopes that I'll remember to play all of it during the geekgathering during Labor Day weekend. Would be good for keeping the party mellow. I'm not sure whether I'm afraid of or amused by the thought of ten geeks moving my living room furniture around to create enough space to both play on the Playstation and dance. *heh*

I think I just found a phrase that sums me up. "Playfully Neurotic." Pretty close, if you ask me.

I'm snooping through The Ectophile's Guide—to see if I can find some new music recommendations. That's just my mood this evening.

I have CDs to burn and groceries to buy tomorrow, so I should sign off.