Professionalism and weekend planning

Y'know, maybe it's just me, but when I was preparing to enter in the work world, I had it drilled into my head over and over that professionalism isn't just about a mindset—it's about how you present yourself, in all forms of communication.

Now, granted, I often deliberately break professionalism rules to make a point—but when I do so, it's obvious, and the points are generally well-made. However, I really have to wonder about people who seem to have lived with their heads in the sand for the past decade…so much that the way they present themselves is so lacking that you have trouble taking them seriously.I've run into this with a person that I've got dealings with at work right now. Obviously, I'm going to be circumspect and not name names, but this person could use some back instruction on how to conduct business in today's world.

I recognize that not everyone on this planet has perfect spelling. I'm sure that ' has got some spelling mistakes (and I KNOW there are grammar mistakes). But I at least take the time to proofread the words and thoughts that I make available to other people.

This person has made it abundantly clear to me that s/he does not. While I understand that one of the attractions of email is its immediacy, I have to admit that I'm perplexed when I see that someone doesn't even proofread what they've just typed for sheer legibility before clicking the "Send" button.

Then again, this is someone who sent me a fax and didn't even bother to write down how many pages s/he was sending. It took me over a day to figure out that there were pages missing from the fax—I wasn't told how many pages to expect, and the entire faxed communication was so rambling and disjointed that I really couldn't even tell at first that things were gone!

Little things like this disrupt the flow of business. I recognize that I'm a consultant, and am supposed to deal with whatever my clients dish out, but damn, sometimes I just want to get in these people's faces and say, "Do you realize you're acting like a blithering idiot?"

Little things. Like putting your phone number on your fax correspondence to facilitate callbacks. Duh.

Other news….busy weekend coming up. I talked with Kim over in Network, and he's going to let Jeff and I borrow the cat5 crimpers and punchdown tool this weekend. huzzah! That was the last thing we needed so that we could plan on definitely wiring the house Saturday morning. We've got everything ready to go—brackets, tons of cabling, terminators, a little hub for the closet in the guest bedroom….all the good stuff.

Sunday morning we're going to pick Jess up at the airport (Geek Ferrying Service!). Hopefully we'll have a fully-wired house to show off by then. Those are my only goals for the weekend—anything else is a bonus.

I've got to make it one more week, and then my transition to my new company is complete. Right now I'm in the painful switchover from getting paid by my former temp agency and being paid by my new permanent salaried job. I've cut my expenses down to the minimum, and I should be okay, but it's not fun. I'm completely paying off the last round of house decorating before I get started again. It's that whole not-going-into-debt principle….

Anyway, it's late. 'night.

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