Today's been one of those good, lazy, but productive Sundays. Stupid me, I went to the white-trash Wal-Mart on University Avenue… dammit, I KNOW better than to go there, and I went anyway, lured in by the cheap prices for stuff.

Of course, the lines were immensely long. I regretted going.

So I finally went home, via a detour to the wondergeeks' apartment. I had to drop some cash off to Heather and Jess—I owed Heather $55 for my Dave Matthews ticket and Jessica $40 for my Sting concert ticket. I've paid them off, like the good friend I am, and no longer feel guilty about them buying tickets for me. Got home, deposited the groceries in the appropriate places, and then settled in for a good nap on the couch. I meant to watch El Postino with Jeff (after all I did rent the movie) but as Dan said, the TV was beaming sleepons at my head and thus I went down for a nice, long, snorey count.

I feel much better now. I think I'll be ready to face this week. (God help us all, it's gonna be interesting.)

I probably should do a temporary include file on this page that details all the crap that needs doing before people arrive on Friday. It's really not that bad, since we just recently cleaned up the house for Dan and Stephanie's arrival last weekend. It's just having to do it all over again that's a bit annoying.

I also wandered over to a few office-type stores to look for a new (and fairly inexpensive) computer desk. I'm not really asking for a lot here. I want a lowered section for keyboard and mouse, a desk area for my speakers and scanner, and a raised platform for my monitor. As I told Jeff yesterday, you realize you're getting older when you decide that you're using your hands, wrists, and eyes to make your living, and you'd better take care of 'em because you can't get a spare set.

My current desk is really not a good one for extended computer usage, and I'd like to spend some extra fundage to get something better. This computer room really does need a bit of an overhaul anyhow. The weekend that I get a real desk I'm planning on buying some bookshelves for this room. Right now I've got two sets of brick-and-board shelves in here. One's against the outside wall, and the other's in the closet (there wasn't room to put it anywhere else). Because of this, the computer room closet's tied up and I don't like that. By my reckoning, one real bookshelf will equal the two lousy ones I'm using right now, and I'll get the closet back to boot.

More space in this room is a good thing.

Jeff's cooking dinner. By the smell of things, it's almost done, so I should sign this off and put in an appearance to obtain some of the finished product. It smells quite tasty.

I still can't believe I'm getting to see both Sting and Dave Matthews perform in the next eight days. Not to mention that Brad's visiting. (One of the many geeks whom I wish lived physically closer to me.) What a week.

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