Much better after staying home, resting, and getting a good night's sleep. I'm about halfway through Christopher Buckley's The White House Mess. Should finish it this weekend.

I have cat hair all over my red shirt this morning—Tenzing was absolutely determined that cuddling was going to take place before I left for work. I wasn't given a lot of choice in the matter. So this morning I was eating my cereal with my right hand and cradling a ten-pound lump of purring orange-and-white cat in the crook of my left arm.

Been meaning to post this: cracks me up.

Today must be the day to find funny stuff on the web. I got pointed to this: I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face. Maybe I should buy Brad a t-shirt.

Must get back to work. I've got a lot of work to do for a particular client.

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