Bounce (part 1 of 3)

We are fully prepared for Brad's arrival. The signs are made, the airport greeters have been chosen. Jess got inspired on these signs—we'll have to send them home with Brad as souvenirs. Poor guy. He called last night, and it was all I could do to NOT blurt out to him, "You have NO idea what you're getting into!"

But we sidestepped that by just yelling "ph33r m3!" a lot.Everyone who has arrived so far—Heather, Kat, Jess, and Terry—came by the house last night for last-minute preparations. (i.e., making signs) As usual, we ended up playing lots of music really loudly and romping with the orange-and-white wonderkitties. Tenzing, especially, was fascinated by posterboard…and the sound it makes when you shake it back and forth. Silly cat.

Our house has been officially dubbed "the geek Country Home." I love it. It's terribly appropriate, too—when they come out here, they're usually coming out here to rest and relax…

We had a flash of inspiration last night. I'd complained that the bright lighting in the living room really wasn't right for a party. Katharine blurted out, "Christmas lights!" —and sure enough, it appears that I've got enough to light up the living room. We've trailed a short strand of blue ones around the foyer. We're going to hang the long strands of white ones—the ones that can be made to twinkle in different patterns—around the living room. That'll be just perfect.

This party is slowly turning into an all-weekend event. We're supposed to phone home after we pick up Brad and give them an ETA, so that Kat can pick a showing of the new Highlander movie (which opens tonight) and pick up tickets for everyone. We'll get back hopefully an hour or so before the show, give Brad a tour of the house, and then head out en masse to the theatre. Afterwards…who knows?

Tomorrow morning the wondergeeks will show up to decorate the living room for the party and set up the playlist and such. Brad's tall; we'll probably put him to work. We'll start the party whenever we feel like it.

I hope someone remembered to buy a game of Twister…

Jeff's out of the shower. Time to get one myself; I feel pretty gunky.