The next morning

From an email I sent to most of my friends this morning:

I'm okay.

Got the car looked at this morning. Over $2000 worth of damage. You'd better believe I'm blessing 1) my insurance coverage and 2) the fact that I was hit by a fully insured driver.

The liftgate for the trunk's got to be replaced, as is my back bumper. My driver's side back quarter panel is buckled, and because of that the small window on that side doesn't seal properly, and the door doesn't shut properly. There is the possibility of some frame damage, but we won't know that until the car's actually repaired.

My 'check engine' light is also coming on intermittently. There's probably a damaged sensor in there somewhere.

After discussing all this with the body shop, I now have a pretty good idea of how lucky I was. Because I swerved, the woman didn't hit me square-on, which would've caused much more damage. I didn't hit the concrete block wall, which would've done more damage to the car—and me.

As it stands, the insurance is going to cover every penny of the repair, plus the rental car (it's going to take about a week to do all the repairing and repainting). My neck's a bit sore, but that's all.

All in all, I'm pretty grateful. I'm awfully glad to be here today.

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