Or maybe not.

Revision to earlier statement. I feel cruddy. My neck is sore and stiff, and my chest is sore from where the seatbelt kept me from chowing down on the steering wheel.

I'm going to give this a bit longer. See how I feel tomorrow. If it's not better I'll think about going to the doc to get it checked out. I don't think it's anything serious, but I'm sore.

I've gotten virtually no work done today, between getting my car looked at, filing reports at the Huntsville Police Department, explaining to co-workers that I'm mostly okay, and generally just having trouble concentrating.

Kat's going to take me to Birmingham tomorrow. A quiet outing—a bit of window-shopping. I'll wait and see how I feel. I wish I had some sick time to take, but as far as I know, I don't at this point.

Tonight I think I will just curl up on the couch and hibernate.

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