A refreshing change -

I walk outside in sock feet and my toes get cold. Nice. It's gone from unseasonably warm to quite chilly. Today's high was around 46, and I have to wonder if that was one of those "daily high reached at midnight" temperatures. It certainly felt like it.

Had a frustrating realization today at about 4:30. I got an email from a client saying, "We're a bit disappointed—we asked you to design us a site with a look and feel similar to the Williams-Sonoma site, and this looks nothing like it."For the first time, though, she included the URL of the site. It took about ten seconds for me to figure out that there are two Williams-Sonoma sites—the kitchen store site and the corporate headquarters site. My design was based off of the store's site and theirs off of the corporate HQ site. Once that discrepancy was resolved, thigns were a lot more chipper over in the design department.

I'm going to have to scrap my old design and start over, though. I'm a little disappointed, because the design was a good one, but it wasn't what the customer wanted. Better news—the folks at the Galleria really liked my second design. Now to implement it.

I was nearly in another accident tonight, which really unnerved me. I had a green light while going straight through an intersection. I looked off to my right, and saw that there was a woman turning right to get onto the road I was on. She never even looked to her left to check for oncoming traffic. For once I was grateful that my tires lost contact with the road, because my car began to point to the left as it skidded. Because of this, I managed to avoid plowing the nose of my car into the driver's side of her car.

Whoever she is, here's hoping she sleeps well tonight, and that she realizes she's incredibly lucky that she's going to bed tonight uninjured. For me, the thought of a second accident in two months—a second accident caused by the carelessness of another person—gives me the shivers. Driving—especially in the rain—makes me nervous enough anyway. It helps me to believe that other people want to stay uninjured as much as I want to stay uninjured….but sometimes, I wonder. It's not that I live in fear. It's that the [lack of] motives and/or attentiveness of other people scare me to death sometimes.

Tomorrow: Kat and I go shopping for a catnip plant. I have one, she wants one. On the agenda: making her rest, especially since she just tested positive for mononucleosis.

We didn't get the tree put up tonight, like we planned; perhaps we'll manage it tomorrow or Sunday. Another time; it'll keep for a while longer.