I am, yes, a dork.

A sign of how my day is going to go today, and a quick flash of dry AndyWit[tm] to boot. I had a coupon for $50 off of a large order at Amazon.com. That, and free shipping. I only had a few days to do it before the coupon expired. So I was going to order myself a Handspring—because, quite frankly, if there was a person with a busy enough life and enough to-do and to-purchase lists that could use a PDA, I'm that person.This morning, I had a flash of insight:

domesticat: Oh, SHIT. I forgot to order the damn PDA.
lensman: You should then go order the damn PDA.

I really really love it when my friends feel the need to state the obvious. :)

Guess I'll be sucking up, dealing, and paying the extra cost. I totally forgot about ordering it before the deadline. But I do still need the PDA. (Or, as I like to refer to it, a "spare brain.")

When you're busy, these things happen.

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