Ordinary world

CDNow's article about the Juno awards had a snippet in it that made me laugh. It rattled off a string of artists up for awards, but then mentioned "national heroes Tragically Hip…" which left me a bit dumbfounded.

Y'know, Brad's been trying to tell me this for years, but I think it took a two-word sobriquet on a music site to really understand the difference between there and here.

I'm still kicking myself for not taking an extra vacation day so that I could catch The Hip playing at the Roxy down in Atlanta—a venue that holds maybe a thousand people at the utmost. I could've been about three feet from the stage.Still not sure what made me decide to pass it up. Some kind of weird devotion to my job, I suppose. Since they play enormous venues in The Great Frozen Canuckistan, Brad's said that we should definitely do an AtlantaTrek to witness this. I guess it would be tacky of me to say to him that he could get close enough to the stage to get sweated on by the band.

That's a bit icky.

Weekend life: go out and about, looking for a suit/shirt/tie for Jeff to wear to his conference (where he'll present his paper—nasty old graudation requirements!). Watch Magnolia. Burn a couple of CDs for friends. Clean up the kitchen again—it has magically dirtied itself while I wasn't looking. Look for a clean, usable PHP guestbook script to tack onto domesticat in place of the current CGI one. Blah blah blah.

…and, yes, at last, finally start reading Lord of the Rings.

(I just thought I'd ease that one in at the end. Maybe no one will notice. Yes, it's about time that I've read LotR. Hush!)