Chain mail (not the wearable kind)

So, tonight, I get a bulk email—to my hotmail dropbox—from a sender whose email address I barely recognize.

I have to laugh at this person's gullibility. It was a chain email of the species, "Send this on to fifteen people and you will find the person you're meant to be with!!!!!!!" (Of course, lots of exclamation marks in case you didn't realize how important this was.)

My response: "Well, he's in the living room, reading; shall I go get him for you?"

Silly humans. If they're going to forward me chain email, they should at least forward email that's suited to the subject. I have, after all, been married for nearly three years.

Whoa—brain check there. Yep, three years as of next month. I fear we're sliding past that newlywed stage into old-married-couple stage.

But…now that I think about it, I don't mind. I hated dating with a passion.

Moral of the story: I like it when people who read this site drop me comments. Doesn't have to be pithy or superbly thought-provoking. Even just getting "Hey, that was kinda cool/dumb/idiotic/entertaining" emails is pretty neat.

But if you're gonna send me chain mail, daaaahling readers, at least make it appropriate chain mail.

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