In semi-related news...

In semi-related news, I'm an idiot. You'd think that when I bought that last batch of Mason jars about a month ago that I'd have thought to check the sizes, to make sure they were what I needed.

They are, of course, too small—and I already had four cups of pitted and stemmed cherries waiting to go. At least I hadn't mashed the cherries yet; that would have been a royal mess. (The cherries certainly were yummy to snack on while watching Daria this evening, though.)Tomorrow: back to the store to get the correct size of jars. This time I'll read the labels a bit more carefully, to make sure I get the right ones.

The bags of cherries I bought today are large enough that I can get two batches of jam, if I so choose. I've only pitted half of the cherries; I'm going to wait to pit the others until I know that I like the jam recipe that I've got. If I don't like the jam recipe, it's cherry pie for everyone this week.

I'll make up the first batch tomorrow and, if it's good, then I'll make a second batch later tomorrow or the day after.

I've come to the conclusion that jam-making isn't hard. It's just all the picky little details.

For now, off to bed for the nightly reading session.

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