Sweat-soaked oblivion, movie stars, and more

Day 1 of dragon*con: lots of running around. At one time in the distant past I was concerned about how I'd find my way around the hotel and all of its different ballrooms. After a day of nonstop trotting, I know the answer: sheer repetition ingrains knowledge in everyone. Including me.

While moving boxes and tech equipment around in Centennial (the largest ballroom) I stopped to talk with a group of people by the stage who were discussing plans for the convention. Talk was light, easy; everyone seemed to know each other. (Except me, but I'm the newbie.) They all had badges, but I didn't look closely.Introductions: Jody, of tech staff, whom I knew. Stephen, whom I didn't know then but know now. A couple of other people whose names I still don't remember. Lastly, a slender chap, seemingly British in accent, who introduced himself as Anthony.

"Ah, okay," I say. "I'm Amy." Conversation continues. We talk movies. Jody points out his badge with Jar Jar on it and makes denigrating comments. I realize I have to be somewhere and excuse myself, turn around, and prepare to walk away.

…at which point, it dawns on me. The pieces fall together, everything fits, and then I really feel like a bloody blithering idiot.

Star Wars. Slightly-built British chap, right age, name of Anthony….oh, crap, I have just blown off Anthony Daniels like he was a fellow staff member.

As I walk away, it's all I can do not to laugh. Oh, hell. I didn't even recognize the guy, although I should have. Here I am, after all, this massive movie buff, and I was standing there examining his almost-certainly-custom-made shoes instead of making sure that he wasn't, well…you know.

At some point in our lives, I think we all wonder what it would be like to meet someone famous. What, we wonder, will we do when faced with someone who is Known? Will we gabble or praise past work or drink up every word?

I never dreamed the actual answer would be 'Stand there, realize you're sweating profusely and have work to do, sketch obeisance and get out before ever realizing who the person you're talking to actually was…'

Jeff's comment: "He probably found it refreshing. He's in the middle of an enormous science fiction convention, and he meets someone who just greets him as a human being and carries on with their conversation."

But—for lack of something more eloquent to say—man, oh man, oh man, do I feel pretty dumb. Mental note: pay more attention to guests' tags tomorrow. Can't hurt. Might help.