actual visual acuity

Yearly appointment for feline rabies shots? Check.
Appointment for eye exam? Check.

Blatant avoidance of things that need doing? Check.So, for those of you playing the home game, here's an update…Quarto now stands at eighteen separate files. Well, twenty if you add in the one that I've got partially done and the one that I've not even touched yet. Let's call it 18.5/20…I think I've earned a little bit of generosity, no?

Okay. Maybe I haven't. But throw the myopic a bone, eh?

The other bits are starting to fall into place. Gareth (may his l33t coding skillz be praised) is working on a conversion script for my files. Brad has indicated willingness to contribute a second script assuming his (very reasonable) bribe price is met.

The rest is up to me.

So, you're probably not wondering how in the world I'm handling this. I've taken a look at lots of slogans (mostly the political kind that seem to imply a lot while actually saying nothing) and concluded there is but one way to sum up how this is going to work:

"Keep It Stupid, Simple."

It's kinda like the original catchphrase, except that it serves to remind you that hey, you're actually an idiot, so you need to keep your code clean and document it to death so that when you come back to it in a month and a half you won't find yourself saying famous phrases like…

"What language is this in?"
"Please tell me I didn't write this."
"What, exactly, does this variable represent?"

(The last one's the kicker, let me tell you. If you only knew how many times I've had to tuck tail between hind legs and utter that phrase, you'd never, ever take me seriously again.)

So…the plan. Oh, yes, I apparently had a plan. The plan goes something like this: take the felines to the vet tomorrow morning. Bring the felines back, and apologize profusely for my rudeness in forcing them to go to the vet's in the first place. Then as the kitties are sleeping off their Happy Drugs, tiptoe off to the optometrist's and let the doc remark on just how interestingly bad my eyes are.

Obtain prescription. Make arrangements to have Jeff bring me back so that a) they can put new lenses in my glasses and b) someone with actual visual acuity can bring me back home in the meantime.

Apologize to cats.
Take respite from coding/reading while eyes adjust to new glasses.
Settle in.
Work on Quarto.
Keep it stupid, simple.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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Plan? What's that? :D