A marker of time

So where the heck am I? Off the computer. Not much choice, really; my left hand is preventing it. While my finger was swollen up, I couldn't move it, and therefore couldn't use it. Simple enough proposition there. Now that the swelling is going down, I'm regaining flexibility in the finger, but I'm quickly learning that just because I can use it doesn't mean that I should use it.

After more than a few minutes of typing, I can feel each keypress radiating down through the soft tissue of my finger. This is—in my world at least—a glaringly obvious sign that I should Do Something Besides Typing.

The list of What I've Done To Compensate includes…

  • gratuitous over-petting of Tenzing (who didn't seem to mind)
  • Watching far too much of season 3 of Buffy
  • Finally watching Pane e tulipani (Bread and Tulips) and John Sayles' breathtakingly wonderful Limbo
  • A lot of laundry. A lot. Did I mention a lot?
  • Cleaning out my inbox. Doesn't require typing, really…just a lot of deleting

Then there was that whole running-through-the-rain in the parking lot at Target, only to realize that my shopping list was in my car…on the far side of that downpour I'd just run through. Luckily, I managed to remember all the ingredients (save one) that I needed to make tonight's dinner (Vietnamese noodle soup), so all was not lost.

Haven't even looked at code today. Or pseudocode. I'm doing good to write this damnably short entry. In the meantime—meaning, until I can type for more than ten minutes at a time—do pretend that I've continued to post my semi-pithy, semi-meaningful discourses here on cat.net.

In actual pithy news: Jess of orangeclouds.org has been kind enough to start up a webring, 'skinned!,' for skinned sites. (It's available at skinned.orangeclouds.org.) Some of you might find that sort of thing interesting.

Perhaps my next entry won't be so much of a marker of time. Sorry, guys. Call it an injury timeout.

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Ouch... my hands just spasmed in sympathy-pain. (It's a programmer thing.) Take care of yourself and stuff. *hug* Oh, and *is* there such a thing as too much Buffy?

So how did you think "Limbo" compared to "Lone Star?"