web sites can do more damage than women (part II)

I never expected this guy to show up again. I have to wonder, was last time's tongue-lashing not enough for this guy? I'm starting to think that this guy is just a glutton for punishment. That, or he's not scoring nearly as often as he'd like us to think he is.

Again - this is his real Yahoo screen name. Can't say that I feel the need to change it; this guy needs protection far beyond a level that changing his screen name would give.

If you have suggestions for phrases for next time (as it appears that there will be a next time), speak up.

hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: hi
me: Good morning.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: hi there
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I think I messaged you yesterday or in the past
me: Oh, yes, I remember you.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: your in Huntsville ?
me: Yes.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: me too, pics on my profile and link to my briefcase
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: oh I just messaged your other profile too, now I see the full command of the English language part
me: Yes. As I recall, you focus the majority of your time IMing only married women. If this is what you do during work hours, how do you actually manage to get any useful, productive work done?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: on occasion
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: Im headed to a team meeting
me: Ah, and decided to seek a little online nookie beforehand to put you in the spirit for it?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: the really only want us monitoring contractors work so we dont make any mistakes and embarass the agency
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: Im always lookin for nookie from good lookin women, it seems to be a habit
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: want to be on my friends list, I do have that team meetin at 10
me: I have trouble believing that a life of fuck-and-run could be even remotely appealing.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: who said anything about runnin
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: Im into more than a one time stand
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: new experiences with an attractive member of the opposite sex is very appealing
me: I just find myself wondering what you'll do once you've found all the women willing for one-night stands in Huntsville. Branch out? Go corporate? License and franchise?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: maybe so , money attracts women
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: *** (Link: hardbody_n_hsv_4fem)hardbody_n_hsv_4fem has added you to their contact list. You may choose to (Link: hardbody_n_hsv_4fem)accept or (Link: hardbody_n_hsv_4fem)deny this action.. You may also (Link: hardbody_n_hsv_4fem)add this user to your contact list or (Link: hardbody_n_hsv_4fem)ignore this user.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I gotta go, I will come back later and you can take more sarcastic shots at me


Okay, so I'm going to nail this bastard to the wall when I get back home. Maybe I need to play a seductive temptress ...

Note to self: do not ingest beverages while reading Amy's site in the future. =)

Amy, legal needs a statement about non-liability for spewage for the disclaimer. Shall I crack the whip? :)

So, does this guy think he's charming you with his witty commentary?

I don't know which is scarier... this guys stupidity... or Geof playing the "seductive temptress" Either one makes the head want to go pop.

tee hee hee ... love you too, Rick ...

This guy just IMed my best friend. she is trying to get more info on him to release into the vast WWW. trying to get his phone number or last name...