We have our next victim on line one...

When I checked email after making dinner tonight, I found what was the start of this not-quite conversation. Perhaps I should have pursued it harder. It would have been funnier if I had.

roadking4u2000: any pics of you LOL
me: *** Auto-response sent to roadking4u2000: Somewhere else.
roadking4u2000: do what
roadking4u2000: no pics
me: Excuse me?
roadking4u2000: do you have a pic
me: I'd be more interested in knowing why you have to have one.
roadking4u2000: to see if you look good so i can flirt LOL
me: …and I'm interested in receiving some kind of net-flirting from someone I don't know because….?

Here's his profile on yahoo, if you're interested. Don't you think that shiny garage is just the kind of thing I need in my life? I guess I was mistaken during all those years when I thought what I really needed was someone who shared my interests. How bloody presumptive of me.

It's mean for boys to taunt and tease me like that and then not fully display their idiocy for the world to appreciate. Perhaps, though, I'm expecting a bit much from someone whose idea of going out on a date appears to be hitting up local netchicks for photos on a Friday night.


Hehe, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. :D

What would amuse *me* is if someone did this and then you (or someone else) recognized him. That would be hilarious.

These guys are so ... lame.

Marital Status: No Answer Hmmm...

Occupation: maintenance So he's declaring he's good at maintenace up front, thus attracting high maintenance women ... bad move, sparky.