Notching the concert bedpost

Newsletter just came out - Steely Dan will be touring the States this summer. It has been approximately four minutes since I last breathed. I will resume breathing shortly.

Currently, the closest dates to AL are in Chicago and Washington DC, but the DC dates conflict with this year's dragon*con. More dates are supposed to be booked later, and I would think that an Atlanta, Nashville, or New Orleans date would be amongst them.

I have trouble believing that they won't book a date in one of those cities, but if for some reason they don't, um, hi, Matthew, Andrew, and Joy. I might be coming to visit.

Let me see if I can put this in terms that Heather will understand: Heather : Peter Gabriel show :: Amy : Steely Dan show

You will now excuse me while I wander off and make high-pitched squealing noises. I've only been waiting for this opportunity for a long, long time.


your site is amazing. I love the domain as well, very creative. making high-pitched squealing noises is awesome. EEEEEEEE!

I can't say anything 'cos I'm going to be hopping a plane if the Duran Duran (the original 5 members back together) doesn't hit the South. Me, miss something I've been waiting for since 1985 when they broke up (again, the original 5 members not any of the other lineups)? Not a chance in hell! Squealing? I wonder what they'll do when I start shouting & literally bouncing up & down.........

oooh i just love the squealing steely dan fan. (grin). babylon sisters, anyone?

Danielle - that's seriously cool. I totally understand why you'd save up and go. Steely Dan last toured when I was in high school, and since I never heard about it until years later, I seriously doubt they played anywhere near Arkansas. I've always harbored a secret hope that I'd get to see them play, but never really expected it to happen. I was just flabbergasted when they announced actual tour dates for their album that's coming out this summer ("Everything Must Go"). Even if I *had* gotten to see them in '94, I think it will mean a little more now. Just a little. As for you, Robert, no mocking the squealing noises! Babylon Sisters is a good song, and Gaucho (its album) is a good album, but I've always gravitated more toward the middle section of their work: Katy Lied, Royal Scam, and especially the oh-so-wacky Aja.

never meant to mock amy, love the squeals of pure delight. joyeux squeals!! (gives cat treats to edmund and tenzing, some tum-tum scritchies for the boys....and some good sprecher root bear for the webmistress...)

Danielle, so with you! Saw Duran Duran in '87 but at that point it was only the three of them. So yes, we can totally relate to high-pitched excited squealing!