Takeover, stage 2: exploration

The female one sleeps now. She howled and complained for a couple of hours. Revenge is sweet. As she ignored us, we now ignore her.

Once we were certain she was safely asleep, we finished eating the kitty treats. (Am feeling strangely bloated. Hrm. Would like very much to have my tummy rubbed right now.)We are currently exploring the areas of the house that have been off-limits to us in the past. It took some doing to shove a kitchen chair near the door to the garage, but between my bulk and Tenzing's brains, we figured it out. It took us another hour to get the door open, but after that - at last! - the garage.

The last time we were in here, the wench chased us back in the house and scolded us for ten solid minutes. That's how we knew the garage must be interesting. Otherwise, why else would she refuse to let us in there?

We found many interesting spiders. I ate a few, and told Tenzing they were quite tasty, when in fact they weren't. I just wanted to see him make his "eeewww!" face. It was worth it.

So far, we have knocked over one lamp, pulled down the living room curtains we hate so much, and napped on the kitchen table (that one's especially for the Male One, who hates it when we do that).

It is now time for the Morning Begging Ritual to begin. We shall wake the Male One up, requesting our morning feeding, and then stuff him in another closet.

It is going to be a glorious day.


This is AWESOME! Keep it coming. You may be quirky, but you've got a great imagination!

Shall I send over a Bob?

Boy is Jeff going to be mad when he finds out what the "harmless" cats are up to! Hey, where is Bob anyway?

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords. (well, *someone* had to say it.)

New?!?! What world have you guys been deluding yourselves in?