Takeover, stage 3: separation

The male one is now in his closet. He was remarkably easy to fool, but expressed greater displeasure when he realized he was locked in the closet. It appears he has not yet figured out that the female one is in the foyer closet.

Bonus for us.Edmund is currently sitting in front of the male one's closet, taunting him by purring loudly. The male one can hear Edmund through the door, and is not pleased. He thinks this "work" is more important than our needs, and wishes to be let out to go to this "work."

He claims that if he is not allowed to go to this "work," that our daily feedings will cease. He seems to think that he controls our food supply when, in fact, we know that the female one creates the Cat Food in the garage, places it in a bag, and brings it into the house for Our inspection.

We desperately want cuddles. Have discovered that locking the male and female ones in the closet prevents them from cuddling us. We are currently reconsidering our strategy.

Out of soft yummy kitty treats.

Still want belly scritchies.

Am willing to wait on the belly scritchies if it will just teach the human ones a lesson.


I will not make any commentary about why dogs rule.

Dear lord - what trouble these boys are going to be in when they let the Male and the Female out of their closets! It'll be quite some time before they get treats & belly scritches!

Pity I don't gave back the spare key ... of course, they'd just snarl at me through the glass door, ready to pounce upon me.

I wonder what closet they'd throw Geoff in......

There's not a closet in that house that's big enough to house me, extraneous F's or no.