Takeover, stage 7: mama's cat

Tenzing is growing hungry, and is very unlikable right now. He has begun to pace and yowl. I think he needs attention. I tried grooming him, but he bit me on the ass. I guess that means he doesn't want to be groomed.I think he's missing the Crunchy Food we usually get every day. He went outside to hunt. Either he is dumber than I originally thought, or the mice are much smarter. The toy-on-a-stick always plays along when we want to hunt; why don't the mice? I'm very confused.

Also growing a bit hungry myself. It's dark now. What a wonderful, wonderful day. Didn't care for cleaning the grass and the dirt out from my paws, but the sunlight was divine and the bugs made for excellent snacks.

I know that Tenzing says we should refer to them as the male and female humans, but...I miss my mommycat. I want snuggles. I want my ears rubbed. I want Crunchy Food that doesn't require stalking. He won't admit it, but I think he wishes that the mommycat were sitting on the couch, knitting, so that he could curl up in her lap and purr himself to sleep.

Unlike my brother, I have the courage to admit that I am most definitely a mama's cat.

It's dark now. I've managed to turn a few lights on, but it's not the same. If Tenzing won't let them out in an hour or so, I'm going to let the mommycat out. If Tenzing doesn't get belly scritchies soon, he'll probably go into withdrawal.

I just can't imagine going to sleep for the night if the mommycat wasn't in the bed with us. If Tenzing won't act, I'll have to take control of this little rebellion. He thinks I'm stupid. I'll let him keep thinking that.


Poor baby - wants his sweet mommycat. Of course the mommycat might not be inclined to love on the babies since she's been in a closet all day...