Shame, Edmund, shame!

I'm sure that in the feline world, this position makes a weird sort of sense. (Click photo for larger image.)

Unfortunately, I don't live in that world, so I'll just have to speculate. I guess Edmund's belly was too warm?

Comfort comes in the strangest of positions

He was actually asleep in that position when I found him. He stayed in it long enough for me to find the camera, turn it on, go back to the computer room, find the missing memory card, return yet again, and then photograph him. Strange.

Update, next day:

Colter his take on SuperFang. Oh my. I love you guys.

Note to self: the entry from a year ago today about the Great Alabama Earthquake - 'Earthquake Hits Sock Capital Of World. World Yawns.' - still cracks me up a year later.

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