Twenty-eight new adult-swim-style slide sets are ready to be animated. I thought I'd get them laid out as .png files tonight and animated, but I'm still sitting here typing and it's well past one in the morning. I'm thinking it's time to give up for the night. They'll get animated tomorrow.Winamp is going to cry if I play those songs again. I'm not sure how software plans to cry, but I think it will find a way.

Tomorrow we head for Atlanta again, for the last pre-dragon*con tech staff meeting. Friday night, I get to meet one of the last few DCTV folks I haven't met yet - Shannon, part of the Tennessee Goon Squad, who shot video and edited their own spots separately from us. Saturday, we go to the meeting, where we'll hopefully see preliminary schedules for this year -

(and spend the next hour yelling, "Oh my God! We can't do that! That's insane!")
(and then spend the next hour figuring out how to make it work anyway)

Sunday I'll send Jeff home with Patrick, and I'll stay on at Brian and Suzan's for one more day. Brian will continue editing DCTV footage. I'll offer up useless commentary while helping Suzan with her costume, and talking over plans for running Harris (the equipment room), Ops (the public office of techops), and geek feeding (that job I do for techops when the website, staff database, and DCTV aren't gobbling my brain cycles). Then I'll start running errands.

Errands will last until Monday, at which point I'll crawl home, marching orders in hand, and bury my head in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects for the next two weeks.

The black skirt has been carefully hand-pleated, and is almost ready to go. I'm not entirely happy with it yet, but I suspect many of its flaws will be taken care of once I get all the pleats ironed, straighten the front panel, and add on three or four big, scary-looking buckles to close the skirt.

It's not 'con clothing if it doesn't show a boob or have big scary buckles on it, you know.

Chris, Jake, and Kat have their plane tickets. I have a packing list, a to-do list, a sewing list, and if I'm not careful, a list of all the lists I have to keep up with.

Yep, it's time. Time to go to 'con, or time to go to bed. I don't know which.

I think I'll start with 'bed.' Hush, Winamp. Happy now?


28! Thank you, dear Amy.

What's an adult-swim-style slide? And why did you pleat the skirt instead of just gathering?