Sorry. I had a starlady moment there with the title. Don't mind me. The arrival of my new socks has made my life far, far too exciting to bear. What, you say? Socks can't make your life exciting? Au contraire! What about white lycra thigh-high socks with lace-up backs … or black velvet lace-up over-the-knee socks?

(Because of some of the keywords, those pages may or may not be worksafe.)

Nevertheless, I adore sock-dreams, because they carry some of the coolest socks I've ever seen—or worn! Sure, there's always going to be a place in life for the standard white crew sock, but dammit, when you need something that's just obscenely hot/cute/outrageous, sock-dreams is the place to go.

Then again, if you just need cute, there's always Little Miss Matched for intentionally-unmatched socks for girls or … uh … slightly more grown-up girls. I mean, come on, of course I'm going to just fall in love with the idea of intentionally mismatched socks in odd numbers.

Anyone besides me think I need to up the Thorazine dose a bit?

Yeah. I thought so.

I'm going to the gym now. I have to work to fit into my socks, you know.

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"Sorry. I had a starlady moment there with the title. Don't mind me." /me spocks. OMGspox? *grin* You sound like a house-elf, by the way. ;)

Yeah, but a house-elf with killer socks. I haven't even mentioned the knee-high hot-pink-and-black striped ones yet. :D

look out world!!! prepared to be PWNED!!!

My god I wish I could get *socks*!!! :D