ovarian return to sender

Recently overheard by the dust bunnies in the computer room:

Jeff: "Hey, did you realize we're going to be in different states on our anniversary?"
me: "What? Wait, when's our anniversary?"

(the sound of me opening up my calendar application)
me: "Huh. Yeah. Week from Monday. Damn. We just suck."

(momentary silence)
me: "Um … how many years have we been married?"

So, as evidenced by our lack of planning, we've both managed to forget our anniversary—again. He'll be at home. I'll be coming back from Atlanta.

Yes, since the ovaries are plainly not being used, I'll be marking them "Return To Sender" shortly. I should probably send them to some woman who could actually use them. They're certainly gathering dust here.

I guess we should book a table for two … or something. Good to know nobody's getting worked up about this.