2005 dragon*con #2: the slog

There is light. There is the possibility of my finishing up my dragon*con 2005 duties by October 1, a possibility fraught with both excitement and trepidation.I have been playing Barenaked Ladies almost incessantly all day.

This is the part of the year that I refer to as "the slog." I have stories to tell about the past few months, but I am so wrapped up in the possibility of finally grinding through the remainder of my work that I have trouble focusing on anything but the finish line. Never mind that I really won't know what to do with myself when I get there.

This site has been on a long, unofficial hiatus while I've been busy with dragon*con. There are things that have happened, one of which I think I'm actually in the mood to try to write about tonight. For some reason, at this moment, I think the words might just come. Almost every time I have sat down to write something substantial in the past six months, my hands have stilled over the keys.

Virtually everyone on tech is done with their duties for dragon*con 2005 by now; everyone except Bill, Thomas, my two cheerful mother-hen assistants, and me. I don't feel right celebrating the end of dragon*con 2005 until I am actually done with my work.

We have processed over a thousand photos so far. I have an unknown number still on the way from three more photographers.

October 1 is the goal. Real life will return. It's time. I think I'm ready for it.