The elements of drama

Feed on Feeds just dished up Chris Petrilli's link to "The Elements of Drama." [worksafe]

This chart can only be described as disturbingly detailed:

"It was established decades ago that Stupidity is the most common element in the universe, and is highly reactive. But what else is there? Plenty, it would seem. I found that there are many different emotional components, or elements, that react with each other. We're all trying to obtain an ideal state of mind, much like the elements of the periodic table are trying to emulate the properties of the noble gases. So, here are my initial findings…"

If there are shirts, sign me up.

(I'm not sure if I should thank Chris for posting a link or ask him for some industrial-strength aspirin.)


*ROFL* I just posted the link on my LJ. That is just hysterical!

HAD to download it... *snort*