a promise and a plan

Two years ago, I made myself a promise. I had no idea when the promise would be kept, or how, but that there would come a day when I could turn my thoughts inward and know that I'd be satisfied. In theory, it was so incredibly simple. In practice, it has taken two years, a radical life change, and much effort to pursue.

I will not let my weight dictate what I can or cannot do in this life.

The fat girl struggling on the elliptical survived by reminding herself of all the things she wanted to be able to do. Climb stairs. Dance. Run.


In the time that's passed, I've lost over fifty pounds total. Ten came back through a combination of holidays, lack of exercise while ill, and spending extra time away from the gym to paint the house. Great excuses, but no more. There's more to be done, and weightlifting to resume—no matter how much it hurts the first week (and it will, very much; I know my body).

I've known for a while that I have a few friends in Georgia who greatly enjoy hiking and backpacking. For my entire adult life, this has been something that Other People did, and not me; not me, who not so long ago struggled to climb multiple flights of stairs.

Through talking, suggestions, and other machinations, we have a date, and we have a plan. They have hiked a few sections of the Benton-MacKaye Trail in Georgia and Tennessee before, and have wanted to return back to do more.

This time, I'm going with them. Over Memorial Day weekend, we're going to tackle sections 3 and 4.

Section 3, 5.6 miles

"This section of trail, while relatively short, is the most difficult for its length because of the repeated long ascents and descents. Its entire length earns it a 'Most Difficult' rating. Three peaks with elevations over 3000' comprise this section. Wallalah Mountain, Licklog Mountain, and Rhodes Mountain all require significant climbing…"

Section 4, 5.3 miles:

"This section of trail runs northwest along the Union-Fannin County line before turning west along the crest of Wilscot Mountain. The difficulty of the hike along this section is 'More Difficult'…"

As of this afternoon, I'm back in the gym. As soon as I'm certain that I'm capable of handling it, I'm back to weightlifting too.

I want this, and I am capable of doing it.

Time to train.


We went hiking last Saturday. Lot's of those descents and ascents. My glutes have never hurt that badly for that long in my life. Owwwwwwwness! If I did that regularly, I don't think I would have a butt. *grins* So yeah. Good exercise. You go, Girl! :-)