on preparing for Patrick's arrival

So, I thought, now that I've done these other chores, I should consider tidying up the coffee table. An excellent idea, in theory; while short of a full cleaning, it would at least put the little piles back in reasonable order and make it appear that we are far tidier than, in fact, we actually are.

Except I did not expect to incur the wrath of the dervish Tenzing, who leapt upon the table with alacrity, snapping eyes, and swishing tail. What happened next can only be described from his point of view, which I immediately wrote down and sent to some friends:

"HEY NOW, DON'T TOUCH THAT. THAT'S MY TABLE. THAT'S MY STUFF AND IT'S RIGHT WHERE I—ooooh, you evil thing, yes, scratch me right behind the ears, I like that … what were you doing? Oh, whatever."


Tenzing is defeated. :D

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I can picture that exchange between you & Tenzing so clearly... Cats are silly creatures!