Shift grid release day

There.As of a few minutes ago, the 2006 shift signup grid was just distributed to tech. Thus ends phase 1 of the Busy Season, and begins the mad rush of Phase 2. Today—the shift grid release day—is the day that I work for months toward, knowing that the moment these grids are released, I am not likely to have time to work on anything else.

Phase 2 involves wardialing. I'll get those shift signups, by hook or by crook. I'm not above calling people and cajoling, begging, wheedling, bartering, or outright bribing them to take shifts. I am writing this in the wee hours of Tuesday morning; I head for Atlanta in eight days.

I have eight days to make this work; eight days to take this amalgamated mess of shifts and soundboard needs and events to be videotaped and 113 free-floating staffers and somehow fold them all together into something that is fluid and responsive and just works.

Don't ask me how I do it. I don't have an answer for you.

Check back in eight days, and maybe I will by then.

Dragon*con should buy me a lovely bottle of port. I'd just need to find time to drink it.


You realise the number for this entry is 1337, and therefore everything is fine. :D

Dear god, is it 2 weeks to Dragon Con already? What happened to August? What happened to the *summer*?? I tell you, when I was a kid, they made summers longer. They used to last for, oh, months, at least.

*cries* I forgot! I knew that 1337 was coming up, because jowilson warned me, and I meant to do something nifty with it. Did I even think about it? Nooooooooo. But you're right, Panya -- if ever there was a sign that things were gonna be okay, that little numerical coincidence would be it. Joyce - heck yes I want my summer back. I remember them lasting foreeeeeeeeeever as a kid. Now they seem to last thirty seconds.

And the shift grids look good... I'm SO glad we went to this system a couple of years ago. It really does help...