object-oriented feline

Some days you know early on that you've lost your mind and it just isn't coming back. Some days you also know early on that you have beaten on too much code that week, and that it's time to walk away, unplug for a weekend, and not look back until Monday.Today is that day.

How do I know?

Jeff and I were packing up this morning for our trip to Atlanta. Well, that's a misnomer; Jeff was packing and I was doing my normal morning routine, since I'd mostly packed the night before. When I walked into the bathroom to take my shower, I noticed that Jeff had left the closet door open, and it was blocking the shower door.

(Fang—remember, we tend to refer to our cats in the collective, as they share a single brain—loves an open closet like nothing else. Except maybe scritchies and cuddles and fresh tomato sauce, but then again, our cats are weird.)

What my thought processes should have been: "I should check with Jeff to make sure he can see both cats, so that I don't shut one of them in the closet."

My actual thought process: "Can Jeff see both instances of the cat?"

Clearly, I need to unplug for the weekend.

Worth noting: I immediately told Jeff, who of course laughed and got it. Not to mention verified that the cats were out of the closet.


Do you get memory leaks if you forget to close one instance of a cat before you open another one?

*laughs* I just repeated that in the office, and a certain co-worker shook her head and said, "You realize that this is the kind of joke that, once started, never dies, right?" Though I suppose the idea of opening multiple instances of a cat would be somewhat analogous to juggling multiple actual felines in your lap at once. Nobody's going to be happy.

I am so looking forward to you guys being here. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. drive safe and I'll see you guys tomorrow

> Do you get memory leaks if you forget to close one
> instance of a cat before you open another one?

If think it depends on if she's using a language with automatic garbage collection. If it's Java or C#, she should be OK. C++? You don't want to see what it's like when the cats get a segmentation fault or buss error and dump core.