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In lieu of the entry I'm actually taking time to write and edit and revise and actually think about, I present linkfood.

'In Teh Beginning' (lolcats meets inexplicable meets ... uh, you'll see)

From Colter: 'How To Get Your Love On' on relationships:

"See, at a certain point, all the variants become so astounding, so dizzying, so universal, that you finally realize (yes, for the 1,000th time) there is no rule. There is no pattern. The exceptions are the rule. There is no approach that, overall, seems to work for most people most of the time. There's not even a hint of a possibility of a whisper of a rule and anyone who deigns to tell you differently, be it a church or a parent or a relationship guru, is, to put it gently, astoundingly full of crap."


'Library director resigns to head to New Orleans'

Speaking of inexplicable, if anyone can explain to me why so many coffee drinkers persist in continually drinking a beverage they don't even like, I'd love to hear a good explanation. Yes, yes, I know their excuse is the need for caffeine, but why not get your morning kick from a beverage you actually like?

P.S. - Send half-and-half. I'm out.


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I don't drink flavored coffee often. [Okay, every once in a while, I hit Starbucks up for a caffe mocha. Yes, I'm a teenage girl at heart. This explains my Gilmore Girls watching, too.] Otherwise, I drink my coffee black. Nutty, strong, good.