Testing twitterlog repost script

[defiant chuckling] All I have to do now is move this script to a server that likes curl_setopt(), set up cron a day or two before we leave, and cackle at the results. It worked! There shall be once-daily reposts of tweets while we're gone -- and I actually learned some nifty stuff, too...

Since I seem to have activated my away-from-home batsignal, here are the SMS messages I've sent to Twitter in the past 24 hours. My tweets are normally friends-only, but when I'm away from home they're usually more interesting than the usual 'OMG where's my tea?' claptrap, so I've written a script to post them publicly in batches once daily while I'm gone.

  • 1:08 PM CDT: [cat.net] 106 Books: the Amy edition - http://domesticat.net/node/1395
  • 1:16 PM CDT: [cat.net] Library 365 photos - http://domesticat.net/node/1396
  • 3:13 PM CDT: Wishing I felt ok about turning my twitter feed temp-public while in NYC, so that I could republish current-tweets-only to cat.net.
  • 3:57 PM CDT: @adamrg What are you hoping to achieve by giving them this option?
  • 7:22 AM CDT: Amused - at 7:15 am the Sbux line is out the door. Guess everyone else misses Seattle South too.
  • 8:07 AM CDT: @crazybutable Your idea contains too much sanity, so I will skip it in favor of writing an arcane scripted solution. :D