Twitterlog for October 16, 2007

Since I seem to have activated my away-from-home batsignal, here are the SMS messages I've sent to Twitter in the past 24 hours. My tweets are normally friends-only, but when I'm away from home they're usually more interesting than the usual 'OMG where's my tea?' claptrap, so I've written a script to post them publicly in batches once daily while I'm gone.

  • 11:45 PM CDT: [] Twitterlog for October 15, 2007 -
  • 5:09 AM CDT: Oooh, even Tenzing doesn't like this hour of the morning. Happy birthday, Jeff. :)
  • 5:52 AM CDT: Time to shut down the computers, apologize to Fang, and go.
  • 8:19 AM CDT: Trip to Nashville took 2.5 hous due to traffic. Waiting on bus. Almost impossible to make our flight now. Pissed.
  • 8:33 AM CDT: Flight missed. Being rescheduled.
  • 8:56 AM CDT: Rebooked. At gate. New flight puts us in Newark at 5. Phantom tix at 7. Could use a break here.
  • 10:51 AM CDT: On plane in Nashville, next stop Charlotte.
  • 12:09 PM CDT: "If Charlotte is your home, welcome home." Nah. Just passing through.
  • 12:30 PM CDT: HOLY SHIT. Our moved-to flight was early and I saw our original connector flight was late. US Airways fixed it! We're back on it!
  • 12:31 PM CDT: Total time on ground in Charlotte? Maybe 15 minutes tops.
  • 2:34 PM CDT: If we open up the plane to see if our Schrodinger's luggage was on it, will our luggage die?
  • 3:28 PM CDT: No luggage. Choosing to go to show and get bags later. Suspecting Newark is actually a hellmouth.
  • 4:25 PM CDT: Checked in to hotel. Taking PATH train to NYC.
  • 5:32 PM CDT: Times Square? Check. In line for Phantom. (YAAAAY!)
  • 9:57 PM CDT: Heading back to airport to straighten out luggage situation. Made friends with front desk staff. THEY SUSPECT NOTHING! ;)
  • 10:31 PM CDT: I can has my own bag. *relief!* I CAN HAS SHOWER! :)