Seeking participants for literary chain letter

I got a fun letter in the mail from a friend this week, asking me to participate in a bit of literary chain mail. Since I'm posting it here, that should indicate I'm interested.

The premise is pretty simple. I send a used paperback -- one that I liked -- to the person included on the back of the letter I was sent. (It's the person who invited the person who invited me.) I then send the letter out to six of my friends, and change the address on the back of the letters I send so that the books will be sent to the person who invited me.

...and that's it. It's one book, ping six friends, and you're done.

I only have a few days left to get my part in order, though. Interested? If so, leave me a comment or drop me an email. As soon as I've got six, I'll get started. I'm guessing between the librarians and the far-flung friends, I can probably dig up six people.


I am in! That sounds interesting

I'm in too if you're still looking for people.