Seattle, Day 0: Travel

While I am on the West Coast, I've got a script set up to automatically repost my tweets in 24-hour batches. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 6:16 AM PT: @gfmorris Girl Talk == instant productivity.
  • 9:05 AM PT: Cleaning one's desk -- the time-honored way of killing the last hour before a two-week vacation.
  • 10:29 AM PT: I'M FREE I'M FREE I'M FREE I'M FREE! *runs away before anyone can catch her*
  • 11:07 AM PT: Lunch with @wendyqualls - "When dealing with Babylonians, pillaging is always an option.!
  • 11:23 AM PT: @gfmorris Connie, me, Laura, ex-Wendy, who else?
  • 12:36 PM PT: HSV: where from opening the door to reaching your flight's gate? Maybe 10 minutes.
  • 1:27 PM PT: Overheard: "I don't see why algebra's needed to get a college degree." *facepalm*
  • 1:51 PM PT: @itarille Srsly! @adamrg has it. Catch the early flight. Let's go smell the ocean. :)
  • 2:10 PM PT: Hot, humid breeze as I boarded plane #1. Good night, Huntsville. See you in August.
  • 3:09 PM PT: "Please shut your shades and turn on your vents. We'll have no a/c until we deplane and it's 100 outside."
  • 3:33 PM PT: Memphis airport smells like barbecue. Mah southren genes just stood up at once and yelled NOM!
  • 4:23 PM PT: And I was walking in Memphis ... and then the heat bitchslapped me.
  • 11:06 PM PT: All my killer driving undone by construction delays.