Seattle, Day 1: Baseball!

Baseball games, movies, and more. Tweets from Seattle, day 1.

  • 11:06 PM PT: All my killer driving undone by construction delays.
  • 1:09 PM PT: Fantastic dim sum for 4: $29 after tip. I love this town.
  • 1:56 PM PT: Hi from the Mariners - Red Sox game. ~72 degrees. Hate me now. :)
  • 2:28 PM PT: @gfmorris Your Red Sox are up 2-0 so far. Want a beer?
  • 2:36 PM PT: @sargent o noes! Run - while telling us what you did! @itarille @adamrg and I want to know!
  • 3:01 PM PT: Mariners - Red Sox. Garlic fries and Red Hook ESB. If I burp, I'm going to singe pavement.
  • 3:35 PM PT: Tied at the bottom of the 6th on a two-run homer. Yay!
  • 3:39 PM PT: @bookmamma1 Am staring at the Space Needle listening to trains go by Safeco Field. Awesome.
  • 5:58 PM PT: Pit stop for food at Gameworks, then to Cinerama for Batman!