Seattle, Day 4: Cabin

Seven geeks enter a cabin. Who runs screaming first? Tweets from Seattle, day 4.

  • 10:49 PM PT: Hot tub? Win. Hot tub with old friends and 21-yr-old single malt? WIN.
  • 4:19 PM PT: Sitting outside. Listening to Skykomish River race over rocks. Solitude > people right now.
  • 5:12 PM PT: Realizing I still have another 8 days away from work. Grateful that time runs slowly here.
  • 6:55 PM PT: More river photography. The fire's lit for dinner. Soon, salmon.
  • 8:30 PM PT: Single malt, mead, silly movie. Sundown comes slowly, this far north. Not that I mind.
  • 9:53 PM PT: Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - fucking win win win. Pass the boozahol or I won't survive...
  • 10:15 PM PT: I can has hot tub. *nod*