Some assembly required

For those of you who don't keep an eye on, here's my current obsession:

Quilt #2 has been completely cut out.  Most of the blocks have been assembled from their respective pieces, although not all; the next step is to finish that process.  After that?  Sew the blocks together in ever-increasing clumps, hoping the stupid thing actually fits together in the end.Some assembly required

[Original on flickr: 'Some assembly required', or see the full photoset]

It's been a good project; it has been at the far edge of my current skill level, and I know I didn't get everything right. Luckily, about halfway through the sewing process, I stopped caring, accepted that lines wouldn't be straight and circles would point off in random directions ... and things immediately got a lot calmer.

The quilt's going to be more idiosyncratic than perfect, but I think I can live with that.

I wasn't sure until about 30 minutes ago that I'd have enough fabric to do properly, without having to do some Frankenpatching through the cutout scraps, but life proved to be kinder than I was expecting, and the last strata set gave me enough pieces to finish the quilt and a few bits left over that I could even use to add on appliques, if I so chose. (I just might!)

I'm still mystified by the number of people who have looked at this design and said, "it LOOKS like you." I fail to see how concentric green-to-purple circles is me, but I"m gonna nod my head and go with it.

Hopefully it'll be assembled by the weekend. Assuming it fits together. (Current odds: 70%.)