Congratulations to Jason and Crystal

Congratulations to Jason and Crystal, who threw a rockin' masquerade-themed wedding on top of Burritt Mountain last night.  A few of us:

After our first successful heist, we celebrated in our best black duds.  (Left to right: Suzan, Dana (Binky), Asai, Amy)We'll never tell where the money is

[Original: "We'll never tell where the money is" on flickr; from left to right: Suzan, Dana, Asai, me]

Jeff: "You've kinda got that Harley Quinn action going on there."

For those who came over last night for the rather epic rounds of Werewolf: the cats have forgiven us for the herd of people we brought into 'their' house. Mostly.  Edmund may still eat my skull, though, purely on principle.

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