Last chance photo saloon

For those of you who weren't aware, my friend Noah is closing up his online photography print shop on January 1. If you want a print of his work, hop over to to nab one.

Some of you might even remember that I was in his 2003 gallery. Look closely and you'll see two photos of me available on that page.

My entries from my trip out to visit him are here. My favorite is one he shot that he's never made available for sale:

Noah's photo of me staring off into the ocean at the Hermosa Beach pier.  Probably my all-time favorite photo of me; it hangs in my house.Contemplation

[Contemplation on flickr.]


My heart, it is breaking.

The butterfly he shot is sitting in the living room next to some other family pictures. The photo world is a worse place without him.

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 I missed this entry, and therefore am 7 days late to realize this had happened. :( I'm sad.