Washington, DC twitterlog for Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm in Washington DC visiting old friends, new friends, librarians ... and oh yeah, going to DrupalCon. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 5:14 AM ET: I can confirm: 4am wakeup calls for flights are not fun, and perplex even my alarm clock kitty, who is very confused right now.
  • 6:17 AM ET: Flight cancelled. Now on Delta 2274 to Charlotte and 1440 to Reagan.
  • 6:35 AM ET: @domesticat Dear dumbass, you're still on US Airways. Love, me.
  • 8:36 AM ET: @add1sun I packed killer tea. I have a chai that may blow your ears back a bit. Will share. :)
  • 9:26 AM ET: On plane 2. Goodbye, Queen Charlotte of the Unintended Consequences.
  • 11:12 AM ET: If limbo had a face, it would be an airport. Everybody is hoping to be somewhere else, eventually.
  • 11:20 AM ET: @trickjarrett Hope you brought a jacket. It's chilly in DC
  • 11:23 AM ET: Hello, potentially-enfranchised nation's capital. I am here to eat your food and make merry with your inhabitants. I don't come in peace. :P
  • 11:29 AM ET: @Finding_Quality That eliminates ... pretty much nothing actually. Thanks for the endorsement!
  • 1:43 PM ET: Indonesian food at Satay Sarinah. Menu full of words I don't know. :)
  • 8:07 PM ET: Lebanese Taverna, Pentagon City. I have slathered chicken in pure garlic sauce. My breath is a WMD.
  • 8:09 PM ET: Next: cardamom chocolate cake and a side of Turkish coffee with a whiskey chaser. I <3 vacation. *radioactive belch*
  • 10:06 PM ET: Summary time. Sylvester: "I cut you, bitch." Tweety: "Suck it."
  • 11:56 PM ET: 'Clue,' plus enough Tennessee whiskey, causes me to yell Rocky Horror quotes...


You should read Changing Planes by Ursula Le Guin.  It's written as a travel guide and very amusing.