Washington, DC twitterlog for Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday: with Drupalcon having ended, we check out of the hotel, struggle to find food, and stagger home.

  • 1:22 AM ET: Tipsykins.
  • 1:48 AM ET: "This is the last Shady Grove train..."
  • 2:33 AM ET: Safely back in wi-fi-free hotel. Soon: pack, fly, return home to Indignant Meow Chorus. Also, fewer sirens.
  • 9:02 AM ET: @merlinofchaos barely awake. Consulting spouseykins.
  • 9:20 AM ET: @merlinofchaos yeah, we suck. We have to check out too. Then lots of time to kill. If a central meetup point, advise & we'll show up.
  • 10:22 AM ET: @merlinofchaos Opted for dim sum. Couldn't think of anything else. Need fud to think about fud.
  • 12:17 PM ET: Through security at National Airport. Time to rest, sit, and wait for our 4pm flight.
  • 12:37 PM ET: @nikkiana Thank you. I'm a little overwhelmed by this week ... but grateful nonetheless.
  • 12:37 PM ET: @vulcansmuse Oh yes, that rocked. Glad I finally got to meet you after hearing lots of stories about you :)
  • 2:24 PM ET: Getting ready to close up shop. We should be boarding reasonably soon. May go incommunicado for a day. Need silence.
  • 2:40 PM ET: On board some random US Airways flight. Hope it's going to Huntsville...
  • 4:41 PM ET: @esmerel Steely Dan is the world's way of waving hi to me. Their music follows me everywhere. Ask Jeff.
  • 4:42 PM ET: P.S. - who replaced my airplane landing with a funhouse ride? :-X
  • 5:47 PM ET: Home, where 30lbs of cat -- and cognitive dissonance -- promptly slammed into me.
  • 9:18 PM ET: @eaton [frown, worry, etc] Did you at least get home first? I knew you were dragging a bit by the end of DC.
  • 9:55 PM ET: @SassyBlonde Reaper?
  • 10:01 PM ET: @SassyBlonde No knowledge. Investigating now. Could use something new to watch.