Washington, DC twitterlog for Thursday, March 5, 2009

Second day of Drupalcon sessions. Beginning to think I've got the hang of this.

  • 8:29 AM ET: Ingesting coffee. Contemplating hacking a teabag so I can steep some chai. CHAI ADDICT FTW. Good morning, #drupalcon. :)
  • 8:42 AM ET: To me at caffeination station: "Hack your teabag, but don't hack core." (Chai accomplished.)
  • 9:09 AM ET: @eaton This just in: I AM SO THERE unless it's at lunch today. Work-related BoF I can't miss.
  • 9:16 AM ET: #drupalcon function kitten_cat_load() thanks to catch. kitten_load_multiple() caused snickers in the back row. Best. Example. EVAR.
  • 10:03 AM ET: #drupalcon bingo cards: we're on it. Be afraid.
  • 10:07 AM ET: #drupalcon bingo cards are at http://domesticat.net/bingo
  • 10:15 AM ET: @adamcarsonb You are not alone in being alone. :)