Washington, DC twitterlog for Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drupalcon begins.

  • 11:35 PM ET: Back after a chatty night with @merlinofchaos and @esmerel. Feeling ... welcomed. :)
  • 7:22 AM ET: In the Convention Center, uploading photos from a cozy corner. Morning, #drupalcon kids.
  • 7:27 AM ET: @drupalchix Meet by the Video Room (#153) and then we'll grab our lunches. Your ringleader has a purple / green / yellow stegosaurus hat.
  • 10:17 AM ET: Could someone w/a public feed please RT that the #drupalchix meetup is by the video room (#153) after the keynote and add #drupalcon?
  • 10:44 AM ET: @mrosas I misspoke - #drupalchix is at lunchtime in front of #153/video room
  • 2:16 PM ET: @drupalcon two of us can't get wifi in Trellon Room. Using iPhone with EDGE to get intarwebs
  • 2:40 PM ET: If you are at drupalcon, want to join my geekspouse and me for dinner? PM or @ me back if you're interested!
  • 3:06 PM ET: @supergeek09 My hubby and I are doingdinner after the last presentation today and people are welcome to tag along if interested!
  • 3:07 PM ET: Hey #drupalcon #drupalchix - here's the photo of all of us! Tag yourself! http://www.flickr.com/photos/domesticat/3328404777/
  • 3:17 PM ET: "No more face-shooting in Drupal 7." -- @webchick
  • 4:53 PM ET: @drupalcon Presenters, when fielding questions, please repeat them into the microphone for those of us in the back. HT @alejandro_garza
  • 5:49 PM ET: @supergeek09 Room 153 right after current session. We'll get our heads together, drop off our stuff, and hop the Metro.
  • 9:23 PM ET: Ethiopian dinner on our floor w/ @supergeek09 @alejandro_garza @jmcclure. Content & grateful to find others who need end-of-day quiet too.