Denver, CO twitterlog for Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm in Colorado, doing random Drupal work. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 7:04 AM MT: Windows open. Birdsong. My last lazy morning of furlough #1. I fly in 25 hours, and while lovely here, it's time to go home.
  • 10:24 AM MT: Showered, starting to pack up. Soon we drive to Denver - the last city on the tour. Tonight, tequila and hot tubs ... and dreams of home.
  • 2:40 PM MT: Packed up. Leaving Fort Collins, heading to Denver.
  • 6:22 PM MT: Drinks with Dan and Chris. Hoping they'll let me sober up before my flight.
  • 7:30 PM MT: Margarita and wings consumed. Now the hot tub.
  • 9:35 PM MT: Revenge on gaggle of preteens who were jerks in the hot tub: we hit all the breakers on our way out.