Denver, CO twitterlog for Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm in Colorado, doing random Drupal work. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 9:35 PM MT: Revenge on gaggle of preteens who were jerks in the hot tub: we hit all the breakers on our way out.
  • 5:57 AM MT: Time to drive to the airport. Bonus: unintentional rasta hair.
  • 6:35 AM MT: Last rental car dropped off. Shuttle to airport, homesickness like a band around my chest. Home now. Please.
  • 7:40 AM MT: On board Delta #1902 to Atlanta. Next up is Delta #5973 to Huntsville. No idea who's picking me up. Whoever you are, I wubs j00.
  • 10:51 AM MT: Hello Atlanta. One more flight, a pickup by @wendyqualls and then tea and couch and cats and -- hey! I can start a new quilt tonight!
  • 1:11 PM MT: After Colorado, Alabama smells warm and swampy and humid and so very, very green. No more nosebleeds.
  • 2:31 PM MT: Home. Wreathed in large cats. It's just as good as my daydreams said it might be.